About Us

Our Goals

ALTRANS' main goal and expertise is traffic mitigation. We seek to lend our knowledge and experience to organizations that are looking for solutions to all transit and traffic related issues. By working with management, or site representatives, we can craft a shuttle program, write and implement TDM plans, and help fulfill municipal, state or federal entitlements.

Our Clients

ALTRANS' clients range from apartment/condominium complexes, to regional hospitals, to a large, world-class business park that is home to over 100 companies. Whatever your needs are, whether it is a TDM Coordinator to work on-site and facilitate a transit program, or a shuttle bus to ferry people to and from a mass transit hub such as BART, ALTRANS can provide that service.

Our Experience

Based in San Jose, ALTRANS has served the greater San Francisco Bay Area for over 25 years. The varied clients ALTRANS has worked for has been instrumental in ALTRANS developing a robust repertoire of traffic mitigation programs and tools. Our experience, and ability to adapt to each site's needs, lends confidence to our clients and has gained ALTRANS respect among its peers.

Our Strategy

ALTRANS provides what the client needs and stands on being transparent and realistic about the effectiveness of proposed programs and ideas. ALTRANS helps current and potential clients avoid over-spending, and saves them time by researching and evaluating client-generated goals. Many times, ALTRANS becomes a "conduit" between developers, builders and cities as they work on achieving cost-effective TDM programs for new development projects. ALTRANS purposely positions ourselves right in between the developer/builder and city, not beholden to any party and provides unvarnished studies and related TDM Plans that will efficiency work. That way, necessary trust is developed with all parties fully understands that ALTRANS will only recommend those TDM elements that will work and are sustainable in the long run. In most cases, ALTRANS is hired to implement the recommended TDM Plan so it is in our best interest to make sure that the initial TDM Plan is solid.

As well, through partnerships called Transportation Management Associations (TMAs), ALTRANS scales programs across two or more organizations, so they can dually share program benefits, at substantial cost savings.